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How To Minimize Venue Tour "No-Shows"

Maybe you've been here before; you've done the work, connecting with a potential client, answering all their questions, and feeling optimistic about their interest in your venue. They schedule a venue tour, and you excitedly agree, only to find they're a no-show at the appointment. You're disappointed and confused at why they didn't show up, and you've wasted time and money from the lost booking. It's easy to feel discouraged if you encounter this scenario, but there are steps you can take to guard against it happening in the future. Let's look at ways to minimize venue tour no-shows, increase your inquiry-to-booking ratio and grow your business.

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Online Booking Systems

Online booking systems are an excellent tool for venue owners, providing clients with a simplified method for booking tours. Systems like Calendly and HoneyBook are portals for clients to make reservations and payments and receive reminders for upcoming appointments. Not only do they reduce human error (welcomed news for overworked venue owners), but they effectively reduce the number of no-shows your business receives.

Send Reminders

Let's face it; life is busy, and it's easy for clients to forget when they've booked a venue tour. Sending a reminder is an easy way to help ensure your clients show up to their appointments without feeling too overbearing. You can schedule automated reminders for your clients either via email, text message (SMS), phone or fax, instantly notifying your clients of their appointment.

3 fantastic ways to minimize venue tour no shows, venue business, venue management, virtual tour, venue site visit

Make Rescheduling And Cancellations An Easy Process

While having a client reschedule a tour isn't ideal, ensuring the process is easy and straightforward increases the chances they will show up for the newly booked time. If they feel frustrated and annoyed trying to figure out how to change their appointment, they may decide to bring their business elsewhere. Additionally, allowing for easy cancellations keeps them from developing a sour outlook of your venue, keeping the door open for a booking down the line.

There's no doubt that no-shows are incredibly frustrating, but the chances are high that you will have to deal with them at some point. By taking preventative steps to help your potential clients keep their venue tour appointments, you can better position your business for success. Using online booking systems, sending reminders, and making the rescheduling and cancellation process easier are excellent ways to minimize no-shows.

3 practical ways to minimize venue tour no shows, venue business, venue management, virtual tour, venue site visit

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