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By Bonnie Hawthorne

Ignite Your Venue's Success
with our Exclusive Strategy Call Bundles

The following proposal was crafted just for you, using your client questionnaire responses and the finer details of our initial conversation. If a question arises at any time, do not hesitate to reach out — it's what we're here for.


To move forward, simply review your collection and pricing details, sign the agreement, and submit your first payment via our integrated payment processor. 


We can't wait to begin.

Choose Your Ideal Strategy Call Bundle

Option 1:

3 Dynamic Sessions for $200 each | Total Investment - $600

In this package, you'll receive three invigorating one-hour strategy sessions, tailored to address your venue's unique challenges. Our industry experts will delve deep into the core aspects of your business, providing invaluable insights and actionable advice. Priced at an affordable $200.00 per session, this bundle is the perfect starting point to propel your venue towards remarkable success.

Option 2:

5 Intensive Sessions for $200 each | Total Investment - $1000

Ready to take your venue's growth to the next level? Opt for our 5-session bundle, packed with intensive consultations that cover every crucial aspect of your business. From marketing strategies to operational efficiencies, our seasoned professionals will guide you towards achieving unprecedented results. At just $200.00 per session, this bundle offers exceptional value for your investment.

Option 3: 

10 Transformative Sessions for $200 each | Total Investment - $2000

For those who aspire to achieve true greatness, our 10-session bundle is the ultimate choice. Experience a profound transformation as our experts work closely with you, providing a comprehensive analysis of your venue's strengths and areas for improvement. With each session priced at an incredible $200.00, you'll receive a wealth of knowledge and guidance that will revolutionize your venue's success.




Specialized Knowledge

Benefit from the specialized expertise of industry professionals who understand the unique challenges faced by venue owners like you.


Invaluable Insights

Gain access to industry expertise and receive practical guidance to optimize your venue's operations, marketing, and customer experience.


Tailored Strategies

Our experts will closely examine your specific circumstances and deliver customized solutions that align perfectly with your goals.


Actionable Recommendations

Receive customized recommendations and strategies that are designed to drive tangible results and propel your venue forward.


E-book Bonus

As an exclusive bonus, you'll receive a complimentary copy of our acclaimed e-book, "8 Steps to Starting an Event Venue," providing you with a comprehensive roadmap to kick-start your venue's journey to success.

We're Committed to Your Success!

We believe in going above and beyond to support your venue's growth and prosperity. Beyond the strategy calls, you'll have access to additional resources, and guidance to ensure your success in the long run.


Don't settle for ordinary results!


Take action now to unlock the extraordinary potential of your venue. Secure your Strategy Call Bundle today and embark on a transformative journey towards unrivaled success. Limited slots are available, so don't wait!

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